Branding Ontario’s Lakes

Growing up around small lakes and rivers gave me a great appreciation of nature and a great love of water. After spending years working in the corporate world in the concrete jungle, I decided to move back to the Kawartha Lakes region. I now call Peterborough, Ontario my home. Working at my own graphic design company has provided many rewards as well as challenges. To keep my design skills sharp, I’ve decided to undertaking a rather large exercise in branding. Branding each of Ontario’s four thousand* or so lakes.

I also hope to bring some awareness to the wide variety of lakes and communities in Ontario. Growing up in Bobcaygeon, we thrived on the tourism industry in the summer. Lock 32 of the Trent Severn Waterway brought a lot of new faces through our town. This helped us to develop the unique and charming Bolton Street, and provided a lot of customers for local businesses. My parents owned a restaurant, and loved seeing the familiar faces of tourists who would come back year after year.

What does a logo mean for a lake? It gives it an identity, it’s not just a body of water, it’s a gathering place, a place to play to share stories around the campfire on it’s beaches. To learn to swim and share family time on vacation. With a logo you can bring people together, create a sense of community, and generate a conversation.

I hope that’s what this project does, encourages people to talk, to get excited about their local lakes again. Grab a friend, grab a boat, go fishing! Take your kids out for a day on the beach, teach them to swim.

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