Too much design, not enough designers? We can help!

Posted on December 16, 2011

Too much design, not enough designers? We can help!

With the university fair only three weeks away, UOIT needed new marketing material to bring with them. A meeting in a coffee shop presented me with a stack of Word files, and old brochure, and a CD of images.

Working closely with the marketing manager, I created a draft for review within a few days. Editing, tweaking and getting the piece to look just right took the rest of the week.

A quick trip to the printer to deliver the final files, and wait for the proof. Over another cup of coffee, I closely reviewed the proofs with the client, and signed off on them.

Back to the printer to delivery the final proof, and send the job into production.

Just three weeks after our first meeting, 10,000 shiny new handbooks were delivered to the university fair into the hands of eagerly  awaiting high school seniors.

With a flexible schedule, and reasonable rates, we’re the the affordable solution. In house designer who’s too busy? Or no designer at all? We can help. We can work on a monthly retainer to give you all the services of having one in in house, at at your disposal. There are may different options available, just ask us.

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