Industry Report

A Western union agent 6o page report including charts, tables and graphs of trends in the chain restaurant industry. Working with the great folks at The NPD Group, we complied all the supplied data (from a lot of different sources) into one sleek report. Keeping the project on track, despite unexpected changes in the schedule and scope of the project was a fun challenge that we were eager to meet.

We also co-coordinating the printing and delivery of the book, and were able to complete the project a week ahead of schedule despite some unexpected delays. It really helps to have great suppliers, and great, understanding clients! To ensure that we were environmentally friendly, we opted for FSC Certification on the paper and printing of the book. A little something extra, but really helps to show you care about the environment.

Want to see a full copy of the report? Contact the good folks over at and they can help you out.

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